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J.Feel is a consulting firm that helps people and organizations being more active and inspirational with entertainment/artist management methods of Amuse group. Everybody in this world would feel “I love my work,” “I love my team,” “I love my company.” that’s the aspiration of J.Feel. We’d like to take an initiative of the movement with resonation of the passions and wisdoms.

J. Feel is also the first business partner of CoachingOurselves (*see below) outside of Canada. We have been providing the service since 2007. The program focuses on making a habit of reflection by facilitating a 75-minutes workshop with a group of manager every week. The style is very unique compared with one of the conventional training program. The program has been implemented by 72 corporations/institutions already. As of August 2015, 3,626 managers have participated in the program. Those managers could deepened the dialogues through 20 to 30-weeks consecutive sessions, developed a robust community, and drove the organizational change with spontaneous initiatives of middle-managers (it’s the middle-out which Professor Mintzberg advocated).

In 2012, the program was awarded as “the best program of the year” by “Nihon-no-jinjibu”, the largest HR professional community in Japan. Three books have been published already in Japanese (one translated to Thai). These efforts in Japan got attentions in the world conference of CoachingOurselves in Montreal 2015. It led the world conference in Tokyo 2016.

About CoachingOurselves*:
CoachingOurselves (called “Reflection Round Table” in Japan) is a program developed by Professor Mintzberg based on a concept “management can learn from their own experiences.” It aims to create a movement of organizational change through continuous reflection and dialogue among a peer group of managers by using the program texts written by world renowned scholars in the management arena.

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